Promotional Giveaway

Promotional Giveaway

Hi there, my name is Bill Clark, aka Lieutenant Randolph, and I'm the creator and publisher of Sky Thieves, a steampunk card game. This is the first card game I've made, and as such, has been quite a learning experience. One of the biggest lessons is that I love designing and playtesting games, but don't really care for the publicity and marketing of them. As such, I'm in the process of pitching the game to a number of traditional game publishers.

In the meantime, I'm sitting on a couple hundred copies of the game that I'd rather have in people's hands, being played, rather than sitting in a box in my closet. Therefore, I've decided to give away free copies to the first 25 people in the continental US to use this form to send me their address. Anyone who sends after that will be given access to a special order page to order a copy at cost, plus shipping, which works out to something like $14.

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